Here's Some Bandcamp Friday Reviews

 Shannon Curtis can sing whatever she wants. Fortunately for us, she's taken on the mantle of a huge sounding, 80's inspired, synth anthem! Honestly, I like Shannon better than Heart here. She brought the Vox and not only hits the notes, she's got the 80's attitude down too. Back in the 80's, we all thought we were gonna' die in a war, least I did. This music makes me think of those times but not with bitterness, but with love for what was playing on the radio. From "We Built this City," to "Alone," much of this music was made by women who sang in defiance of our then perceived certain doom. I love the album art to this one too. Expect a wholesome 80's song, that's really what you have here. 

One thing I'd like to mention is the production here. Jaime Hill is a veteran at making things sound pleasant. One of the reasons no one makes convincing 80's tunes anymore is because production on those tunes surpasses  budgets today. To be honest, as good as I know Jaime to be, I must admit I doubted this 80's work because I know he didn't have Capitol Records Studios or anything to help him out.

This is where knowing can hurt you. I listened to this song a few times and just marveled at the layers, the smoothness, Shannon's way of acting and singing at the same time, and the synth all add up for an 80's hit. A knockout, really. 5 nukes out of 5. 

Over to Cardiff. I made a friend this week. His name is Danswell and the Symptoms. Today he has a new song and it is every bit as rocked out as the late 90's were for me. I was listening to post punk, grunge back then. Danswell and the Symptoms like grunge and post punk too.

My brother and I would have driven around town for hours, drinking beers, smoking weed, listening to Danswell back in the late 90's. I get the full on experience now, 25 years later, without the booze, almost like an acid flashback. OR as I call them, freebies. 

          Danswell does important work. He lets us revisit, or open up doors.

Not a lot of songs or artists do that. His sounds provide an environment for my musical memory. I just want to hang out there all day.            


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